There are several records which school has to maintain. Ever since the school came into existence, records are maintained which contain of building, furniture record, employer record, income-expenditure record. Account section lias its own record, mission record of each and every class record, correspondence, and all other of each student and all the records are kept for in the school with the management.

Each school has records of the students, such as her record, their personal file, and subject books Students records of current year examination and 1 of each student is kept as per class, attendance of both teachers and students report cards, result and extra activities of the school are maintained. Order Book has the instructions issued to teachers’ students. The property record lias details of school.

Schools also maintain their diary. It is kept in the office and is written daily on all the activities of school. The reports of the students, teacher and other etc are maintained under the supervision of the principal or Manager. It has wide discipline of all the of the school including order, instruction issued teachers, students regarding the administration management. These records are kept for further in future.

School diary is very important in the istration and management of the school. It is a of all the events of the school on daily basis as nothing is overlooked or hidden in activities. It be maintained and kept for the reference which needed in the time to come. It has all the facts Ii cannot be overlooked in any enquiring or emergency. School can also improve its activities on facts of diary.


Cumulative Record Card has wide information of the students. It consists of the information of the result of examination conducted from time to time. It is generally kept for three years, which tells about social, intellectual, family description, psychological test, art and craft, health and diseases, observation, interviews, invention, questionnaires, interest and abilities of the students, participation in the school programme. These records indicate the nature and amount of guidance for development of the child.

A teacher also has a diary of his own. U is a part of teaching, lesson planning and details of the teaching work. Teacher also unites his efforts made to improve the teaching work, report of the weak students on daily, weekly or monthly basis. The teacher also writes his time-table and other instructions given to him by the Head of the School. It helps the teachers to assess his own work.

School also has a library for the students, teaching and other employees. It also given books to the needs and poor students. Beside, the daily newspaper, magazines, reports, weekly and monthly journals arc also available in the library. Every class has a period or chance to use the library. A trained librarian conducts the library. A good library increases the knowledge of the teachers and students.

School also has a science-laboratory. It is subject- wise like physics, Chemistry, Biology, Botany and Zoology. Students of school who’ studies their subjects come to the lab and do practical experiments in the lab under the supervision of the teachers. A lab attendant is also there to help the students.


Management of learning resources is a broad concept. It includes all the elements that are needed for effective teaching, learning process. It means managing school programmes in such a way as to make the optimum use of resources; human as well material. All efficient school management brings about harmony best of learning resources. Planning is the basis of effective coordination.