(i) Schools keep an account of each pupil on its roll and submit periodic reports, which contain all the necessary information about the pupils.

(ii) The school records help to submit to the Department of Education (he budgetary statement of financial needs in the beginning of the session.

(iii) School records help to judge the progress of the pupil on rolls, their strength and weakness and help the teachers and parents to bring about desirable changes.

(iv) The records also help to know the educational achievements of a particular locality and even of the stale.


(v) School records help for the development of healthy relationship between the school and home. From the progress report, both the teachers and parents evaluate the pupil’s achievement and progress.

(vi) School records help for undertaking educational research. Research scholars get a complete picture on pupil progress, instructional materials, physical development, promotion practices, different tests etc. The research findings also help the school authorities to introduce new educational reforms.