The principal is the person who is finally responsible for the school records but since he/she cannot possibly maintain all records himself, these records are maintained by teachers and clerical staff.

While maintaining records the following points should be kept in mind:

(i) Prepare a stock list of all registers maintained in the school. It indicates what type of records is kept in the school. This makes record keeping systematic.

(ii) On the outer cover of each register containing records write distinctly


(a) Name of the school

(b) Name of the register

(c) The serial number of the register

(d) Number of volumes of the register


(e) The number of pages of the volume

(f) Opening and closing date of the volume, etc.

(iii) All files and registers should be kept neat and tidy.

(iv) There should be no over-writing or cancelling of entries. If any corrections are made, these should be signed by the concerned persons.


(v) Make all entries in ink.

(vi) Do not open a new volume of any register even*’ year, if the previous volume contains some blank pages.

(vii) Fill up every column provided in the prescribed register and do not leave any blank spaces.

(viii) Records should be genuine, valid, reliable and accurate. They should be easily understood by those for whom they are meant.


(ix) Record should be kept in the office under proper lock and key and nobody should be allowed to remove them from the school under any circumstances without permission.