Jatindranath Mukhopadhyay, the great revolutionary of Bengal is famous by the nickname Bagha .Jatin. His name is remembered for his attempted armed rebellion against the British government.

In 1915 Bagha Jatin after consultation with the members of other secret societies chalked out a plan for an armed rebellion.

Efforts were also made to import arms and ammunition from Germany which was an enemy of Britain in the war.

In fact, one named Narendranath Bhattacharya (later came to be known as ‘M. N Roy’) was sent to Batavia to contact the German authorities through their embassy there. Incidentally, Narendranath sailed to Batavia (in South-East Asia) under the pseudonym ‘C. Martin’.


He came back to India with the assurance that a shipment of arms would soon reach the seacoast at Balasore (in present Orissa).

The plan, however, leaked out and a British Police contingent under the leadership of Charles Tagert reached Balasore to apprehend the revolutionaries.

The heroic battle fought between the revolutionaries and the British Police constitutes a golden chapter in the history of the revolutionary movement in India.

Chittapriya Roychaudhuri and few other revolutionaries died a heroic death in the encounter that took place on the bank of the river Buribalam near Balasore.


Bagha Jatin along with a few others, being seriously injured, was arrested by the police. With this, ended the second attempt of the revolutionaries as an armed rebellion against the British with foreign help.