Jatindranath Das, popularly called Jatin Das, was a revolutionary activist who died in the Lahore jail after he was on a hunger-strike for 63 days.

His political career began with the joining in the Non Co-operation movement under the leadership of Gandhiji at the age of 17.

Later on, he switched over to the revolutionary path. In 1923 he joined the revolutionary centre of Sachin Sanyal.

He also had close contact with the Hindustan Republican Army of Chandrasekhar Azad and Bhagat Singh.


With a view to learning the technique of bomb-making he went to Deoghar, in Bihar. The British police apprehended him and put him to prison for three years.

After his release from jail he started a centre where he himself started manufacturing bomb. Once again the British police arrested him.

This time he was brought to trial in the Lahore Conspiracy Case where he courted a martyr’s death in September, 1929.