Rebellion sprang from Gi Chuan but its beginning was not revolutionary. It was supported by the capitalists who were engaged in the construction of railway line because they were not prepared to bear the loss of their wealth.

When this rebellion was in its full swing, on 10th October 1911, a bomb exploded at the residence of a Russian family. This house was used by the revolutionaries as their centre and bomb manufacturing factory was also installed there.

Hence the Russian officers arrested several rebels and handed them over to the government of China. In the meantime the government could get a list of the revolutionaries which disclosed the entire secret of the rebels.

Owing to the suppression by the police, the rebels in their own turn besieged the office of the Viceroy and set fire to it. The Viceroy had to flee in order to save his life. The Chinese commander also ran away from the city.


Colonel Lee Yuwan Hung was the commander of the revolutionaries. He was educated in Japan. Under his leadership the revolutionaries occupied the Wuchang.

Later on, on 12th October they established their control over Hanko and formed a temporary government under the leadership of Lee Yuwan Hung.