Having established friendly relations with England, Delcasse directed his attention towards Spain and concluded a pact with her on the question of Morocco.

By this time the influence of France in Morocco had increased greatly which was intolerable to Germany. Hence she compelled France to remove Delcasse and to summon an International Conference to solve the question of Morocco.

Algeciras Conference:

The International Conference was called Algeciras in 1906. The representatives of twelve countries participated it and everybody sided with France excepting Austria and Hungary, following decisions was arrived at in this conference:


1. Political freedom was granted to Morocco.

2. The problem of law and order was quite acute. An international police was posted to look into this matter. The French and the Spaniards were appointed in this police force.

3. A Bank was established in Morocco to look after its interests of trade and commerce under the supervision of England France, Germany and Spain.

4. The responsibility of customs duties on the trade routes between Morocco and Algeria was entrusted to France and Spain was permitted to look after the customs duties on the goods imported from the west.


Thus, it is clear that Germany could not extract any advantage of this conference which she had summoned. On the other hand, French and the Spanish soldiers were free to do anything it pleased them in Morocco.

After their inclusion in international politics, the Germany policy proved detrimental to her own interests and her weaknesses were exposed. Moreover, the relations between Germany and France were strained and the Alegeciras Conference could not do any good to Germany.

Casablanca Incident:

The incident of Casablanca increased probability of war between Germany and France in 1908, due to undue harassment of some Frenchmen. But during this period the Balkan War was also on the cards.


Therefore, neither of the countries was mentally prepared to wage war and decided to have a truce. It was decided between the two countries that France would provide financial help to the Sultan of Morocco and Germany would recognise the claims of France Morocco.

According to the terms of the truce Germany also gave word that she would not interfere in the matters of Morocco. This truce between the two countries continued up to 1911.