The foreign policy of William II ended the achievements of Bismarck. The following were the principles of the foreign policy of Bismarck:

1. To keep France isolated in Europe so that she could not form an opposite camp against Germany.

2. To attract France towards the establishment of colonies so that she might forget the loss of Alsace and Lorraine.

3. To establish friendly relations with Austria and Russia.


4. To maintain cordial relations with England, Bismarck neither increased the naval force of Germany nor established the colonial empire to please England.

But the foreign policy of William undid the aims of Bismarck’s foreign policy. His relations with England began to be strained due to expansion of naval force and establishment of the colonies.

Relations between France and Germany were embittered on the issue of Morocco Russia being annoyed with Germany, also established friendly relations with France.

Consequently, the isolation of France was broken and a parallel group of Triple Alliance, known as Triple Entente was set up in which France, Russia and Germany were included. Thus Europe we divided into two military camps.


Moreover, William II made a great mistake by establishing friendly relations with Turkey and discarding the favours of England. It was really a mistake on his part to have been so undiplomatic.