What does it mean to be a student at university in Morocco?

University is the place where one builds his personality and sets up the principles of a very bright future. But lately a huge amount of people suspect this and consider it as an obsolete.

Nowadays, University is the last place a student in morocco would choose and this is not only because of its limit prospects but because of the deteriorated standard of life and the economic difficulties most of the students encounter and are swept by since the first semester.


Also, the most of the teachers at universities especially in the south are scrooges, they need to be haunted by the three specters of Mr Dickens, and this helps increase the number of frustrating students and deepen the tolls. So what does it mean to be a student in moroccan’s universities!

First of all student has to pass the military service, because to adjust to such conditions being more than just a student is very required. All this force us to accuse the Ministry of Education of failing, and stated it between democracy and hypocrisy. Morocco is one among these countries which become aware of their front facade that should be improved and furnished before being considered by others. Thus the difference between the actual situation and the virtual vision is so resounding.




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