Unemployment is a serious malady in India. With its teaming millions of educated, literates and illiterates in India the problem of unemployment is one of magnum size and defies any solutions.

In reality, my view is that, for the last fifty-two years of India’s independence this problem has continued to magnify instead of reaching some solution. To day it has reached an alarming proportion and it seems that, no amount of work in this sphere is enough to sort out this magnum problem.

I personally feel that the cause of it all is basically, poor planning or if I may say so no planning at all. There has been a mushroom growth of educational institutions and also education facilities for higher education. With the growth in higher education through the years, what India has achieved is the production of unemployable youth at these colleges and universities.

When these thousands of young men and women come out of universities with their degrees, their desires have grown sky high, expectations for good jobs highly imaginative while they in reality are mostly good for nothing.


With this paradox of a reality where can the problem meet a solution? This is what has been happening for the last few decades, with each decade adding to the millions of educated unemployed. This is the cumulative result of an unplanned education policy of the Governments in the States and the Centre, for the last fifty years.

In this scenario thus, the educated are left unemployed education and the uneducated are in any case not fit or any employment of any worth. It is in this way of expansion of education in a haphazard and unplanned way that, the Herculean task of helping the unemployed to get employment has arisen.

However, after fifty years of unplanned education, in the last five or six years the defective output of our education has been noticed by people who matter. Instead of increasing the numbers of colleges and universities, more stress is now being laid to opening of vocational centers for the youth passing out of schools.

If this was the direction of education from the very beginning, we would not have faced this acute problem of unemployment of both educated and the uneducated. Every individual according to his/her desire and capacity could have grown into a specific profession.


We would then have had the twin advantage of providing employment and producing professionals of all hues.

Now that there is more stress on literacy on the one hand and vocation on the other it can be expected that, this two pronged attack on the problem of unemployment may pay dividends, though it will take time to show. The damage done to education and all that is linked with education cannot be repaired within the blinking of an eye.