An idle man cannot find food for him. In order to live he must do some work. Some occupation is necessary to enable man to satisfy his wants. Everywhere in this world there is a constant struggle for an occupation.

Only deserving people win the struggle and get occupations. Those who are defeated suffer starvation and misery. In our country many persons are unemployed. Their number is very large. Unemployment problem is a great problem in our country.

There are many causes of unemployment. The chief among them is the rapid growth of population. Chances of employment are decreasing day by day due to the use of machines which save labour.

Lack of skill and ability is another cause of unemployment. An unskilled labour cannot be successful in any work. If a chance of employment is created, only the skilled labour avails it.


Our system of education is also responsible for the problem of unemployment in our country. Vocational subjects are not compulsorily taught in school and college. Students are reading some superficial subjects and are trying to get through with high marks. Their attention is on securing marks, not on the effectiveness of the subject in their practical life.

Students are jobless after their education. M.K. Gandhi attached great importance to manual labour. But in the present system-of education, no student learns it. Self- employment is, therefore, a dream in our country.

Ill health is another factor of unemployment. Majori of the Indians do not get proper treatment of their illness Physical fitness is a criterion for getting a job. Nowadays more and more industries are set up in our country. Although there are chances of employment there, the hazardous atmosphere of the industrial area discourages people to go for employment there.

Cottage industries are neglected. Agriculture is done in old method. Therefore it is an unprofitable occupation now-a-days. Political people are talking very high about unemployment. But they are not sincerely doing anything for providing employment to the young men and women in our country. Only political propaganda cannot solve the problem.


Unemployment is a social problem. Many other social problems are born from it. The unemployed youth are growing more and more rebellious. Their attitude to education, interest for genuine qualification and faithfulness to our society decrease.

Dacoit, blackmailing, treachery and dishonesty grow rampantly. Moral perversion also occurs. There is no respect for the seniors. In a family, the unemployed children create disturbances. They feel frustrated. They kill either themselves or their parents. Thus social tension is born. Gradually, our culture of love and tolerance is converted to the culture of anger and maladjustment.

There is still some hope to remove unemployment from our country. Firstly, our educational system must be reformed. Vocational subjects must be compulsorily taught to our students. Stress must be given on manual labour and self- employment.

Most important of all is to check corruption and nepotism in our country. Ministers and important persons in high positions are now accused of showing favour and sympathy to their own relatives. Further, they are accused of selling jobs at high price. Thus, the children of the rich get employments by paying.