According to Rabindranath Tagore, a teacher is to learn as light is to burn. A teacher is remembered if he is able to collect a good stock of knowledge and to impart them to his dear students in a very simple way. A good teacher loves not only learning but also his students.

Mr. Bose is a good teacher. I like him most. He wins everybody’s admiration for his devotion for learning and faithfulness for the teaching profession and above all his affection for students.

Mr. Bose is a man of Gandhian Principles. He leads a simple, honest and truthful life. He believes in the idea that example is better than precept.

Therefore, he seldom preaches. He never smokes. So he is easily accepted by all when he says that smoking is injurious to health.


Mr. Bose is a man of learning. He teaches English d History. His method of teaching is very simple. While teaching he gives many interesting examples. He also creates humor. We never miss his class. Even a dull student attends his class.

He is a hardworking man. After the school hour he does garden work. He has organising skill too. He is in charge of the N.C.C. in our school. He arranges N.C.C. parade on the Independence Day and the Republic Day. He inspires his students to achieve greatness in their life.

Every year he conducts inter school debate competitions in our school. Due to his sincere efforts and selfless contribution, our school has earned a glorious record in our district. He has been awarded a gold medal by the collector of our district two years ago.

Mr. Bose is a social worker too. He helps the people in distress. Apart from it he is very popular as a good writer and actor. He takes the entire responsibility of publishing the school magazine every year.