I read in standard VII. Miss Sarita Verma is my class teacher. She is an M.A., M.Ed.

She is an experienced teacher.

She is a charming lady. She is stout. She is of fair colour. She teaches us English and Music. She makes her lesson interesting.

She never gets irritated when students ask her their doubts. She explains again and again. She is about 27 years of age.


She is always cheerful.

She is a nice teacher. She never gets angry when a student fails to learn. She encourages him or her to learn again and again. She explains things in simple and clear manner. She is gentle and soft- spoken.

She is always ready to help her pupils. But she is very strict in discipline. She always wants us to be disciplined and tidy.

I am glad that Miss Sarita Verma is my class-teacher. She makes her teaching interesting with the help of charts, maps, or toys. Sometimes she takes us on a visit to some interesting place.


She is very simple. Due to her good qualities students always praise her and hold her in high esteem. I always take care to do well in the class and try to be like her. I am proud of my class teacher.