Teacher and teacher education both are body and soul. For developing professional ethics, teacher and teacher educators must be able to distinguish between philosophy of education and philosophy of teacher education and also the difference between social and historical frameworks of the teaching profession.

At all events a teacher has to be an example for his/her students and society and therefore the value system he/she holds should be clear, precise and ethical. A teacher should be honest not only when he stands to gain by being honest but in situations where he/she is likely to suffer a loss. In such cases his/her conscience to do the right thing must determine his/her behaviors. He/she must exemplify the dignity of labour and professional commitment, however stressful the circumstances may be. A teacher must be an embodiment of eternal values -values that remain the same however much the circumstances may change.

Truth, love and goodness are values that are admired across creeds, cultures and religious. A teacher should be concious of the accountability to profession of teaching by being accountable for effective teaching and effective learning of student. A teacher is accountable to the society and this aspect must be channeled through an appropriate hierarchy of competent professional authority. In Hinduism Gum lias was greater than the parents. As a result he/she must deserve this position in the society.

Apart of these the profession of teaching reflects a high degree of academic excellence, repertoire of (caching skills and practical wisdom on the one hand and a well-integrated value system on the other in the words of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. “In our ideal life we must touch men and all times through the manifestation of a truth which is eternal and universal.