Teaching as a profession is acceptable for the following reasons, which help a teacher for his professional development.

(i) Improvement is needed in the different fields of education and for this proposes teacher-education is the better way which widens the field of preparation of teachers.

(ii) The concepts and behaviour patterns which were prevalent during the Pre-independence period do not hold prestige at present. Teacher-education is to be guided by democratic values and procedures to make real contribution in the existing situations of the country.

(iii)Indian educationists are to shape the philosophy and teacher education.


(iv)In the whole of the world the concept of teacher preparation is undergoing a change. It has been realized by the educationists that training education implies something better than teacher training. The broad concept attached with teacher education is connected with life and is based upon the vital philosophy of daily living with children.

(v) Teacher-education also responds to the philosophical needs of basic education.

(vi)In all programmes of teacher preparation more stress is laid upon education than training.