The old saying that teachers are born and not made cannot be accepted all the present time. As a modem, well-trained teacher, one must first learn what and how to teach each child. He must know the material that he is to teach, the nature of the child and the best methods of instruction.

True, much of what makes the teachers able to learn to teach and to enjoy teaching has come from his original nature and from the environmental forces that he countered before he entered the teaching training Programme. But without training, regardless of his interest, ability and personality, he cannot possibly perform at the level expected of the professional teacher in today’s school.

“Teacher is maker of man”, said John Adams. He is the foundation of all education, and thus of whole civilization of mankind, present or future. No National reconstruction is possible without the active co-operation of the teacher.

Teacher is apparently a central figure in any scheme concerning reform of education. The proposed restructuring of school and college classes under the new pattern necessitates revision of minimum qualifications for teachers wherever necessary and provision of appropriate pre-service and in-service training of teachers to meet the requirements of the new curriculum for both the academic and vocational courses.


As such, there is no investment in our country that will pay more dividends than investment on improving the quality of teachers by providing them professional training or in-service education, in normal schools, government colleges of education, state institutes of education and district training institutes etc.

After a short period of training of a year or two, a person is expected to be a qualified teacher who knows a few tricks of the trade. But actually speaking, the college of education experience is only a prelude to the rich experience he is to gain during his entire j service as a teacher.

The professional training is of little values unless reinforced by further experience and training during his service period. This in-service education is a recent concept, i.e., now acknowledge as the essential requisite of an efficient teachers.