I had a chance to spend a fortnight in a neat little place, in the month of February. The place was situated by the side of a canal. The weather was delightfully cool. Every evening, I went out for a long walk by the side of the canal.

The road was neat and clean. There was no dust. It was lined with green trees. It was a great relief to breathe the pure, fresh air and be away from the din and noise of the city, with all its smoke and dust.

It was the best time of the year from health point of view. It was the advent of spring. The trees and bushes with their new tender leaves and flowers looked charming and beautiful. Lambs bleated and cows lowed in the meadows full of luscious grass.

Yellow mustard flowers bloomed as far as the eye could see. The air was rich with their sweet fragrance. Butterflies flitted in the air and tiny birds flew from bush to bush. They seemed to be mad with joy. The cool fresh air was bracing and invigorating. It was pleasure giving. It was rejuvenating. It was life-giving.


The farmers were seen busy, ploughing, hoeing, weeding or cutting the fodder. They sang rustic songs as they worked. How sweet, charming and elevating, were their songs! The green fields and bumper crops spoke of the toil of the farmers.

Sturdy village maidens and women in their colourful dresses, working and singing side by side with their men folk, presented a refreshing sight. Herds of cattle grazing in the grassy pasture lands, care free birds twittering and flying to and fro, the herds of deer frisking about-in the green fields, the smiling flowers and the warming sun, all combined to make an evening walk a delightful experience.

The open air and warm rays of the winter sun is a great tonic. They pour life and energy into our bodies. They refresh us out of the wear and tear of life. Nature in winter is gorgeous. It is resplendent. Out in the country, in the lack of mother-nature, one forgets the monotony and dullness of life. The tired nerves feel soothed. After sunset, a mist begins to gather. There is a chill in the air and one likes to return.