There is a common English saying which is very beautiful: After dinner rest a while. After supper walk a mile.

You will not be able to digest your late meal without a walk. If you go to bed straightaway, you will run the risk of getting your stomach upset. It is necessary to have a short evening walk before you go to bed.

One of the most rewarding things of an evening walk is the sight of a beautiful sunset. It is one of the most glorious phenomenons of nature. The birds are flying back in flocks to their nests.

The lowing herds of cattle are seen marching to their sheds after a day-long grazing in the fields. The bells tied around their necks produce a sweet jingle. Even if we go out for a walk late after sunset, nature presents a beautiful aspect of early night. In summer, we get fresh air which is useful for our lungs. In winter the air, though could and piercing, is full of smell of flowers and plants, yet it brings freshness to our brain.


Some people like to stroll in the evening in crowded places. They prefer to enjoy themselves among crowds, the night of color and noise. This is not conducive to good health. Evening walk can really be interesting and enjoyable in the company of nobody. Nature presents in its loneliness many beautiful and refreshing scenes.

During the evening we come across a number of men, women and children walking about on the roads. Some even go above small hills to see the setting sun which is a very remarkable scene of nature. In any case evening walk is necessary for the health of our body and mind.