In summer, it is very hot during the day. A heat wave blows the whole day. One perspires from head to foot. One likes to sit and work inside. The streets are deserted. No one likes to stir out. But in the evening, the sun goes down and the heat grows less.

Tired with the day’s work in the oppressive heat, I like to go out for a walk in the open, in the evening. I go out into the open fields. The sun goes down by inches. The western sky begins to grow red. The sun sets at last. It is dusk.

A cool wind begins to blow. It grows dark and calm. Birds begin to fly back to their nests. The weary farmer also retraces his footsteps homewards with his cattle. The merry tinkling of bells round the necks of cattle fills the air with music.

The air in the fields at this time is full of a peculiar scent. The weather becomes pleasant. One feels cool and refreshed. The tired nerves seem to get a new life. Perfect silence reigns everywhere. One instinctively feels happy and peaceful.


An evening walk in summer is most beneficial to health. It sharpens appetite. It is as health-giving as a game of volley-ball or badminton. One must never miss it. After an evening walk, one enjoys a sound sleep.

In the morning, one wakes happy and refreshed. A man who regularly takes an evening walk in summer is sure to defy diseases that happen to be about. One gains in vitality and power of resistance against diseases which people with low vitality easily fall prey to. Movement is life. Stagnation is death.