Our school like other schools of our state starts at 10 A.M. After four periods we generally avail of a recess. The recess time starts from 1 P.M. to 2 P.M. Our mind rests and relaxes after so many classes.

The time of the beginning of recess is indicated by a bell. There are some students in our school who eagerly wait for recess, because they come from the distant Mileages and therefore feel hungry. They bring Tiffin with them. Most of us go to our homes for lunch at recess.

Some students are tempted to buy fruits and biscuits from the vendors who wait outside the school gate. Truly speaking, recess is the time in which the students relax after four continuous periods and prepare for three more periods of a day:

I always carry my Tiffin in my school bag. So I do not come home at recess for lunch. Thus, I get time for rest. I prefer the home-made things which are prepared by my mother with great care. I take my Tiffin heartily during the recess in the company of my friends. Sometimes we exchange our food. It gives us immense delight.


During recess hour we feel free from boredom. It is the best time during the day to come in contact with other students of different classes. Some students play outdoor as well as indoor games. Some students read news papers and magazines.

The teachers also get tired after four periods of teaching. Recess is also important for them. They relax and take Tiffin. They also switch on radio and T.V. in their common room and enjoy themselves.