536 words essay on how to spend the recess period in school


We have eight teaching periods in our school. The recess period comes after the fourth period. Boys and teachers look forward to this period. As soon as the recess bell goes, boys rush out of the stuffy rooms like birds out of a cage.

It is boring for a child full of the wine of life to sit long hours quietly at one place. He is anxious to use his legs and hands. After a few hours’ mental strain, the students as well as the teachers feel tired and bored. They need a change. They need rest and relaxation. The tiny tots want some free time to sing, dance, jump, frisk, jabber, tattle and chatter.

The recess period is meant for rest and recreation. Boys can have light refreshment like the taking of milk, tea, cold drinks, biscuits, sweets or fruit. They can more freely with their friends, chums and classmates. They can go to the school gymnasium or playground for the outlet of super abundant energy. They can go to the school library or reading room and read magazines or newspapers.


The recess period is not meant for cramming. It is not meant for quarrelling with other boys. It is not meant for breaking the school furniture nor is it meant for breaking the window and door panes. It is not meant for stealing books of boys who are out to enjoy recess.

It is not meant for copying out home task from the exercise books of other boys. It is not meant for plucking leaves, flowers or raw fruit in the school garden. It is not meant for slipping away quietly from the school.

It is not meant for making the school premises dirty by throwing carelessly leaves, bits of paper and banana skins etc, wherever you like it is not meant for idle pursuits like drawing the cartoons of your teachers on the black boards. It is not meant for removing the cycle bells or baskets or dynamos or puncturing the cycles of others.

I always make the best use of it. I go to the urinals and take water if need be. If I feel hungry, I go to the school tuck shop and have a light refreshment. The school gossip gathers round the tuck shop. Sometime I go to the school gymnasium and enjoy a swing.


I never fail to go to the school reading room and have a look at the newspapers, magazines, journals and the latest arrivals in the library. This gives me some mental food. Now and then I go to the school garden and enjoy the beautiful sight of flowers. The sweet fragrance of flowers is very refreshing. I feel a lot of relief.

I am the monitor of my class, so at times I go to the Headmaster’s office for guidance and advice in various matters concerning the class. The Headmaster always gives me a patient hearing.

The recess gives a new joy and life to all. As soon as the recess period is over, the boys and teachers go back to their rooms. There is again perfect silence. The Headmaster goes round the school to see that the work has begun again in all seriousness.

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