Recess period is a very important period in the school. It comes after four periods. After continuous studies for three hours, we get tired. Recess period is a welcome break. The children rush out from their classes as soon as the recess bell goes.

All the teachers and students refresh themselves in the recess period. The children buy eatables from hawkers, who visit in school during recess period. There is also a great rush at the school tuck-shop. Many of the students bring their packed refreshments. They sit on the lawns or under the trees to have their refreshment.

During recess period, school canteen is the busiest place. Some of them take tea, samosa and bread-pakora. Some of the students play games during the interval. Some sit in groups and enjoy gossiping. During winter, the lawns are full to their capacity. In summers, there is a great rush at the water-taps and the water-coolers.

I finish my refreshment and then rush to the reading- room. The students read newspapers and magazines. If I am late then it is difficult to get a seat.


For teachers, it is a time to relax. Again the bell rings and recess comes to an end. The students run to their class-rooms.