Newspapers have a very important place in our lives. If we were to live without newspapers we would be in the dark. We will never know what is happening in our own country and the world. In fact we begin our day by reading the newspaper. It is a good habit to keep abreast with all that is happening all over the country and in the world.

Newspapers are the greatest source of information for us. They report incidents of importance that occur daily in various corners of the country and the world. No doubt there is TV and radio. But their reports are biased.

The newspapers give us the correct picture of the social, cultural, economic and business scene in the world. If there were no newspapers we would never learn about the various changes that are taking place in various spheres and also who or what are causing these changes. Knowledge gives us strength to tackle problems and knowledge and information is best provided by the newspapers.

The unemployed search for vacancies in newspapers. Advertisements keep us informed about the latest range of various products and the commercial world becomes a living world through the medium of the newspapers.


We also get sports news and film reviews from the papers. Young boys and girls can enjoy the experience of learning all about the various sports, stars and also entertain themselves with film news. Cartoons and games also keep one entertained and our mornings would be dull if we did not have the newspaper-man bringing our favourite newspaper to our doorstep.

We get objective analysis and opinions of important men through newspapers. However, sometimes they tend to sensationalize and exaggerate news items to gain popularity. This type of journalism is called the Yellow Press. One must beware of such stories and features in the newspaper and try not to think of a world without newspapers.