The main function of a newspaper is to circulate news. It acquaints us with the knowledge of the latest happenings in the world regarding politics, literature, discoveries and inventions, natural calamities, sports, art, films, theatre, criticism of books and periodicals etc. and what not? It also carries advertisements announcing the sale and purchase of various articles, lands, houses, cars, furniture’s, etc.

Newspaper was originally issued from Venice. Then, it was followed by other states of Europe. In England, the first newspaper was published during the reign of Queen Elizabeth.

In India, the first newspaper called The India Gazette was published during the British rule. Now-a-days, newspapers are published in almost all the countries of the world in different languages.

Newspaper is a modern organ of the Press media. Every morning it reaches the homes of the literate people, carrying the news of the day. It enlightens us about the current affairs of the world.


It apprises us of our duties and responsibilities when our country faces a problem concerning the people. Thus it has now become more or less inseparable from our daily life.

The duty of the Editor of a newspaper is very impor­tant. He must be above party politics. He must be impartial in the matter of conveying the news or writing his editorial.

His sacred duty is to guide the people in right direction. He must not be influenced by any unscrupulous authority or corrupt agents. If he does so, he is to be considered as an enemy of the people and the country. His editorial and news distribution must be clear and unexaggerated in any manner whatsoever.

At the same time, the freedom of Press should not in any way be curtailed by the government. The Press should be allowed to express their views freely and boldly for the benefit of the public, through editorials and proper distribu­tion of news.


In India, there are now-a-days hundreds of Dailies, Weeklies, Monthlies etc. which are regularly published in various languages. Indian journalism has been able to draw the attention of the world for its remarkable overall maturity.

A good newspaper is no doubt, a valuable asset to the country from where it is published.