An early riser as I am, I go out for a walk everyday. I do not like to be bothered by anyone else company. Going with some companion means breaking into frequent conversation on the way. I, therefore, cannot concentrate on the beauty of nature around me. This is why I prefer going all alone.

I love the most the chirping of birds in the morning. The melodious chirping is enchanting. They seem to welcome the sun with their sweet notes. After walking half a mile I sit in a pretty rose garden. The every sight and smell of those beautiful flowers cheers me up. Small dew drops on petals and leaves look like precious pearls. The sight pleases the eyes. I meditate there for a while. I forget the hustle and bustle of my daily life and escape from worries temporarily I feel a new strength is being injected into my otherwise tired body. I feel some new sense of joy as I relax while sitting in the silence around me

As I often go to a garden for a walk I meet other morning walkers who are as regular as me. They bring their dogs for a walk too. Young and old people come to the gardens, some do exercises throughout, some sit quietly under a tree, some jog and run-in short each person does what pleases him the most and whatever keeps his body in good shape.

Walking in the morning is a very good habit and even when I feel lazy in the morning get out of bed, I force myself to leave the house because I know that once I am on my way I will every minute of my morning walk.