It is indeed unfortunate that in our present day hectic schedule we find no time for regular morning walks. We deprive ourselves of one of Dame Nature’s rare gifts. A morning walk is nothing short of a panacea and, what is more, it is available absolutely free of cost. It is rightly said that what the best medicines and drugs cannot achieve, a brisk walk in the morning can.

A morning walk is an invigorating experience. This ideal exercise in the unpolluted morning air keeps us fit as a fiddle. Heart and lung problems seldom trouble a brisk and regular walker. Apart from these obvious advantages, a morning walk has something for the aesthete in us too. Nature is in its pristine glory in the early morning hours.

The fresh air, the dew-drops on green leaves and grass, the melodious chirping of the birds, all soothe our mind and re-energize us for the day’s work ahead. The peace of the dawn prompts us to think, to contemplate and to analyse. A morning walk is an ideal recreation for both the body and the soul. It rejuvenates us, fills our mind with noble thoughts and elevates and exalts us. The habit of walking in the morning can be formed at any age. It is high time we gave it due importance and made it an essential part of our daily routine.