486 Words Essay on morning walk (free to read). There is an old proverb, “A sound mind lives in a sound body”. Sound body means sound health which depends on several factors. Morning walk is one of them. It is a boon for health. No diet or tonic can be as effective as the morning walk. It is the best and the cheapest form of exercise.

Morning walk is not only enjoyable but also refreshing. The atmosphere at morning time is indeed very pleasant and free from pollution. As we move out, we enjoy the morning breeze and feel refreshed and active. For city people a morning walk is a great blessing.

In large cities, there are stretches of open spaces and parks with tall trees where we can enjoy morning walk with people young and old, men and women and children. But if we belong to the countryside, we come upon beautiful sights of the open landscape, fields and meadows, gardens and lakes, fountains, waterfalls, and streams. We come through sweet music of birds which they create by chirping and twittering. They are seen flying from tree to tree and give a message to be active and fresh.

An active brisk walk in the morning keeps away from sickness and many other diseases. It keeps us fit for good start of the day. It keeps us happy and active throughout the day.


The fresh air that we breathe in while walking in the morning purifies our nerves besides giving us the wonderful peace and quietness which are very essential for achieving our goal. Morning breeze is also good for lungs. It is therefore some are seen breathing hard to clear their lungs.

In the morning time nature remains a,. its best. There is no traffic on the road and hence we feel calmness everywhere. If we are lucky enough to find a grassy plot, then morning walk becomes more meaningful and enjoyable. There we can find beautiful beds of flowers of different colours and varieties for our immense pleasure.

The fragrance of beautiful flowers is enough to make us active and healthy. We do not feel the fatigue of the labours in store for us for the day. Wonderful energy comes within which is important for doing our work.

Thus, there are countless benefits of morning walk. All that we are required to do is to become an early riser to welcome the rising sun in the East a little outside our residence. We must not forget that morning walk is the cure of all diseases.


It refreshes our body, mind and soul. We get a sound body to enjoy the beauties of life. In this busy time we hardly get any time to be close to nature. If we cultivate a habit of morning walk, we can avail an opportunity to spend a few moments in the lap of nature. Hence, we must not ignore this opportunity and go for morning walk daily.