Here is your short essay on Sher Shah


Sher Shah’s original name was Farid. In AD 1522, Farid took service under Bahar Khan Lohani, the ruler of Bihar. His master rewarded him with the title of Sher Khan for his bravery in killing a tiger single-handed. But the intrigues of his enemies compelled him to leave Bihar and he joined the camp of Babar in 1527. After the death of Bahar Khan Lohani, Sher Khan left Mughal service and became the ruler of Bihar. He next married the widow of Bahar Khan Lohani in order to secure the fort of Chunar. Sher Khan overcame the confederacy of jealous Afghan nobles of Bihar at Surajgarh in 1536. This made him the undisputed master of Bihar. He next captured Bengal.

He was buried for some time in Kalinjar after which his remains were carried to Sasaram for interment in the mausoleum he built for himself. When he died, he left behind an empire which included the whole of north India excepting Kash­mir, Gujarat and Assam. The boundaries of his empire were formed by the river Indus on the west, the Gakkhar-country on the north-west, the Himalayas on the north, Assam on the east and the Vindhyas on the south. It was a great success for a person who was the grandson of a horse-trader and the son of a petty jagirdar.

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