Here is your Paragraph on Sher Shah Suri


Sher Shah is rated as on of the greatest rulers of India. He overthrew Mughal rule in A.D. 1540 and once again received Afghan rule. In A.D. 1527, he was forced to leave Bihar and seek his fortune elsewhere. He came to Agra and joined Babur’s army. Here he got a chance to notice the defects in the Mughal military organization. After some time he came back to Bihar again and was appointed the guardian of the minor king, Jalal Khan. He soon became the independent ruler of Bihar in A.D. 1529. Sher Shah was very ambitious and wanted to drive the mughals out of India. He fought with Humayun and defeated him twice at Chausa and Kanauj. His other conquest included that of Malwa, Multan and Sind, Marwar and Mewar in A.D. 1544. His last expedition was that of the fort of Kalinga in Bundelkhand. He died here in a grenade explosion in A.D. 1545. Within a short period he founded a vast empire that extended form the Brahamputra in the east to the Jhelum in the west, from the Himalayas in the north to the Narmada in the south. The Rajputs, however, asserted their independence after his death.

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