The first war of Indian Independence was fought in 1857 AD, during the reign of Governor General of Lord Canning. This event was also known as Revolt of 1857, Sepoy Mutiny or the first war of Indian Independence.

The immediate cause of the revolt of 1857 was that Mangal Pandey killed two British officers on parade at Barrackpore. This revolt spread in Lucknow, Ambala and Meerut cantonments. On May 10, 1857 soldiers at Meerut refused to touch the new Enfield rifle cartridges. The soldiers along with other group of civilians, went on rampage. They marched to Delhi, seized the city and proclaimed the Bahadur Shah Zafar, emperor of India. Due to the lack of unity and organisation this revolt failed.

In 1858 AD Queen Victoria issued a proclamation and placed India under direct control of the crown.

With the foundation of Indian National Congress in 1885 AD, the struggle for India’s Independence was launched. Many important national leaders devoted themselves to achieve the independence. During the course of this freedom struggle many had to sacrifice their lives. And at last on 15th August, 1947 India got independence.