43 frequently asked Question on The Peasant and Tribal Movements: The Revolt of 1857


1. Mention one tribal rebellion prior i0 1857.

Ans. Santhal Rebellion.

2. Name one tribal rebellion of the post-1857 period.


Ans. Kol Rebellion.

3. When did the revolt of Dhalhhuin begin?

Ans. 1769.

4. When did the zamindars of Sandwip break-out in rebellion?


Ans. 1769.

5. In which year the Rangpur Rebellion took place?

Ans. 1783.

6. Who did the Rangpur rebels declare as their leader (or Nawab)?


Ans. Dirjinarayan (or Dhirajnarayan).

7. Who was the leader of the rebel Kakirs?

Ans. Majnu Shah.

8. Who was the leader of the rebel Sannyasis?


Ans. Bhawani Pathak.

9. In which Bengali novel appears the details about the Sannyasi rebellion?

Ans. Anandamath .

10. Who founded the Ferazi community in Bengal?


Ans. Haji Shariatullah.

11. Who was the founder of the Wahabi movement in India?

Ans. Syed Ahmed Beralis.

12. What was the real name of the Wahabi movement?

Ans. Twarikh-i-Muhammadia.

13. Who popularised the Wahabi movement?

Ans. Mir Nisar Ali.

14. What was the real name of Titumir?

Ans. Mir Nisar Ali.

15. When did the Barasat rebellion take place?

Ans. 1831.

16. In the Barasat rebellion with whom did the British fight?

Ans. Titumir.

17. Who constructed the Banser Kella (bamboo fortress)?

Ans. Titumir.

18. Against whom did the Kols rebel?

Ans. The agents of the British.

19. Name a leader of the Kol rebels.

Ans. Buddhu Bhakat.

20. Who was the leader of the rebel Santhals?

Ans. Sidhu-Kanu.

21. When did the Santhal rebellion take place?

Ans. 1855-56.

22. Where did the revolt of 1857 break out?

Ans. In Meerut in UP.

23. Who was the Governor- General of India at the time of the Revolt of 1857?

Ans. Lord Canning.

24. Who was the first Viceroy of India?

Ans. Lord Canning.

25. When was the Queen’s Proclamation announced?

Ans. 1858 (1 November).

26. Who was the last Mughal Emperor of India?

Ans. Bahadur Shah II.

27. When did the East India Company’s rule come to an end?

Ans. 1858.

28. Who was the last Governor- General of India (1857)?

Ans. Lord Canning.

29. When the income tax was first imposed on the Indian people?

Ans. After 1857.

30. Who were called the ryots?

Ans. Cultivators.

31. When was the battle of Balakot fought?

Ans. In 1831.

32. Between whom was the battle of Balakot fought?

Ans. Sikhs and the Wahabis.

33. Name two leaders of the Kol rebels.

Ans. Joa Bhagat and Madara Mahato.

34. Who introduced the Enfield Rifle?

Ans. The British.

35. Who led the rebels of Kanour in 1857?

Ans. Nana Saheb.

36. Name a Rani Who valiantly fought against the British.

Ans. Lakshmi Bai.

37. Name a leader of Bihar in the Rovolt of 1857?

Ans. Kunwar Singh.

38. To which kingdom belonged Rani Lakshmi Bai?

Ans. Jhansi.

39. When was the Azimgarh Proclamation issued?

Ans. 1857.

40. What was the nature of the Revolt of 1857?

Ans. Popular revolt.

41. When was the Act for the Better Government of India passed?

Ans. 1858.

42. Who passed the Act for the Better Government of India?

Ans. British Parliament.

43. The Queen’s Proclamation was issued in the name of which queen of England?

Ans. Victoria.

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