Arguments for :

1. The governors are the agents of the Central Government because they are either retired politicians or the politicians who have been rejected by the public. So they remain loyal to the people, who appoint them. As a result of it, they try to topple the State

Government if it happens to be a Government by the opposition party. This is undemocratic and immoral.

2. The Governors do not serve any useful purpose rather they are hindrance in the administration of the State. They can reserve bills for the approval of the Central Government and in this manner deprive the legitimate right of the State Assemblies to make laws. Similarly, they recommend President’s rule when they find that the interests of the party in power at the Centre are not served. In this manner, actually they work for their masters i.e. the leaders at the centre.


3. Moreover, it is undemocratic to have a nominated person as the head of the State. All the powers should be exercised by the elected head. Chief Minister should be responsible for doing every­thing and should not be checked by the Governors.

Arguments against :

1. In fact the fathers of the Constitution feared that the States may not develop separatist tendencies and in order to put a check, it is necessary that a representative of the Central Govern­ment should be stationed in the States. He keeps a watch over the political activities and so tries to inform the Centre about the latest developments.

2. Many a time, the Governors happen to be experienced ad­ministrator or politicians. He can definitely help the State Government if a proper report is established between the Governor and the Chief Minister in carrying on the administration.


3. The Governors of the State, during Emergency generally become the administrators of the State. They are familiar with the affairs of the State problems and other things which are necessary for an administrator to understand. He experiences no difficulty when he is given the charge of the State at the time of Emergency. So Governors remain a permanent link between the Central Govern­ment and the State and such a link is necessary particularly if an opposition party is in power in a State.