Arguments for :

1. By remaining non-aligned India has created suspicion in the minds of the big powers regarding her intentions. The big powers cannot consider India a dependable ally and in the present day world till a nation is a dependable ally, it is not possible for the big powers to lend a helping hand to it. If India wants to get proper types of support, it is necessary that she should align herself with one of the powers.

2. Non-alignment is not possible in the present day world because the nations and their politics are so much in inter-dependent that they cannot remain in a state of isolation. It is wrong to think that non-aligned nations can be impartial in her judgments ; they have to keep their national interest in mind that make them to side with one of the powers.

3. It is wrong to think that by remaining non-aligned India can steer clear the controversy of the international politics. Directly or indirectly India will be involved in the controversy. That is why it is difficult for her to escape cold war. In other words, non-align­ment has no positive virtue about it.


Arguments against :

1. If India becomes aligned there is a great possibility that one of the big powers would try to destabilize India because India occupies a geographically strategic position in the world. If this happens India will reel back into Middle Ages and progress would become impossible. So it is necessary to remain non-aligned.

2. Non-alignment Movement is weakened only because the big powers never wanted it to be a success. The world at this time needs a third bloc so that the power blocs may be checked from indulging in their domineering activities. If the big powers are allowed to have their own way they are sure to bring the world to the brink of war.

3. Non-alignment is necessary because India at this time can­not afford to become an ally of any big power. The big powers control the politics and the affairs of their allies in a manner that everything suits their purpose. They do not bother about the in­terest of all the nation and if this happens with India, she will be­come a colony of imperial powers. This would mean an end of democracy in India.