The unprecedented rise in prices of almost all the important necesscities of life has posed a serious problem efore us. Millions of people find it hard to earn one square meal a day, because prices of food grains, edible oils, sugar other food articles have been raising very rapidly. This has caused great unrest among common people.

The annual average of whole sale prices index always s ows an increasing trend. This alarming rate of increase in prices has thrown the countries economic out of gear and made common man’s life miserable millions in India to-day sleep without food at night. All their day’s work does not even promise them sufficient to eat and drink. Everybody is complaining of increasing prices day by day.

Prices have become double in the last few years and there are many things which are now beyond the reach of common people. This phenomenal increase in prices is not the result of any simple factor. There are several factors which are responsible for it. Apart from industrialists, manufacturers and middle men, our government is also at fault. It is increasing taxes.

It has been resorting a deficit financing and printing currency notes. This has caused inflationary trend which is the primary cause of increase in the prices. There is no proper adjustment between supply and demand. Government officials and all political parties are also responsible for rising prices. They do not take any interest in solving problem.


Galloping growths in the volume of black money and tax- evasion have also added to inflation. Those who have black money are not affected by price rise. They indulge not only in wasteful expenditure but also in hoarding, speculation and smuggling. They create artificial shortage to earn high profit. This is a major cause of price rise.

Failure of monsoon and power shortage is common phenomena in our country. As a result there is shortfall in the production of food grains causing increase in prices. But government’s failure in making proper plan is still the first and foremost reason of price rise. Unless it does something substantial in this direction, nothing can be achieved.

The rising prices should be checked at once. The government should take serious steps against hoarding and black marketing. The monopoly of businessman should be controlled. Not only this the prices of essential commodities such as food grains, sugar and cloth should be fixed by the government. There should be essential commodity act.

Those who default should be dealt with according to law. Population control Mil also checks the problem of price rise to a great extent. More and more Super Bazaars should be opened by the government so that common people may be able to purchase things at reasonable price.