In these days, when prices of all articles of daily consumption are soaring higher and higher, fair-price shops have become an indispensable necessity. Some unsocial elements don’t refrain from withholding stock and indulging in black marketing. Fine or imprisonment has ceased to have any fear for them.

The Government, as a last resort to help the poor people, have started fair-price shops in every town. In our town, they have been started in big industrial areas and they are gradually being extended to other places. Some industrial concerns also have opened fair-price shops for their employees. These fair- price shops will not allow prices to go up.

At these shops we are getting flour, rice, pulses, sugar, oil, ghee, soap, matches, clothes and other necessities of life at reasonable and fixed prices. There is no question of black market. These shops have gone a long way to stabilize prices of articles of daily consumption.

They have restored confidence among the people. All agitation over ever-soaring prices is gradually subsiding. The people who indulged in black market and openly played with the life of the people have begun to see reason. They are no longer withholding stocks that are needed by the people. The big farmers are also bringing their surplus produce into the market. The Government is also appealing to the people to cut down waste of food grains.


These fair price shops are likely to become a permanent feature of our social life. They are the best and most successful means to curb unsocial elements and to keep prices within reasonable limits. They are a great check upon all those traders and big farmers who try to withhold stocks in order to sell them in the black market at exorbitant rates.

This wise step on the part of the Government though belated is being much appreciated by the labourers and the poor section of the People. They have heaved a sigh of relief and are all praise for the Government. The Government should see that these fair-price shops get a constant supply of all articles of daily use and that the persons responsible for the running of these shops keep their hands clean.

Any man found indulging in any corrupt practices should be given an exemplary punishment. He should in no way, be spared. Strong Measures are needed to cope with the situation that is critical. It is expected that the Government would rise to the occasion and face the situation boldly. There should be no mincing of matters.