Short essay on rising prices of commodities in India

The rising prices of almost all the things including essential commodities have become a regular common feature now-a-days. The rise in prices is partly, due to some extent, unavoidable due to varying demand and supply situation vis-a-vis rapidly increasing population in India. Any major reason for rising prices is due to lack of any timely effective measures taken by the dealing government departments to check malpractices of unscrupulous traders who create artificial shortages and charge exorbitant prices to needy persons. It is a shame that even life- saving drugs are not spared. The worst affected lot is the middle-class especially salaried working- class having fixed income, who has to maintain a reasonable standard of living and at the same manage to pay increasing prices for the essential commodities.

It. is high time that the government should have a regular effective system of maintaining control on rising prices of at least essential commodities and life saving drugs, to offer some relief to a common man from this increasing burden of rising Prices.Rising prices is a phenomenon particularly acute in developing countries like India. A slight rise in prices is not a bad thing. It accounts for the growth in economy rise in employment, better scales for workers.

But sudden and acute rise in prices causes an all-round spiral effect on prices that makes the life of common people miserable. The poverty line engulfs the lower middle classes. Thereafter there is a recession, sluggish economy and almost run-away inflation resulting in shortages and black marketing.


A socialistic pattern of society collapses under its burden. The rich tend to become richer and the poor poorer.The government has tackled this problem very efficiently. In the last six or seven years we have had a single digit inflation. The government should maintain this tempo. However, the prices of food grains have been rising continually. The government should do something in this direction. Only then the real welfare of the masses can be ensured.