Science has dazzled humanity. It has turned impossibilities into possibilities. Time and distance have been killed. Agriculture has been considerably mechanized. There is remarkable development of industry.

The radio brings to us the songs of the greatest musicians of the world. The television enables us not only to hear distant voices, but also to see distant functions, matches and other sights. The diseases have been conquered. Germs die, their victims live.

But there is another side of the picture. Science has invented atom bombs and hydrogen bombs which destroy millions in half a second.

They let loose death and destruction on the head of humanity. Science has, on the one hand, given us numerous comforts and amenities but, on the other hand, it is also driving us into the valley of death. It is signing the death warrant of humanity. It is murdering humanity.


Man has become the slave of machine. One machine can do the work of hundreds of labourers. One factory throws thousands of labourers out of work. Unemployment is ever on the increase. Gandhiji favoured not mass production by mills and factories but production by the masses.

Another curse of science is that it has made man godless. Science has fed our body but starved our soul. How does man benefit himself if he gains the whole world but loses his soul in the game? It has destroyed man’s character and personality.

Man has lost neighbourliness, sympathy, love and fellow feeling. He has become a brute. He has become mad. Science has created more problems than it has solved. It has brought comforts, but it has also brought death with it. Science is a murderer.

A murderer cannot be excused on the ground that before killing his victim, he feasted him or gave him comforts. Science has placed untold power in the bands of man and man may misuse it. The memory of death and wholesale destruction that followed in the wake of two atom bombs dropped on the two beautiful cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan is still fresh in our memory. The same story may be repeated in a much more virulent form.


To sum up, we must use science for the good of humanity and not for its destruction.