Short essay on Cinema, its uses and abuses

Cinema is one of the great wonders of science and now very popular forms of entertainment ant even the smallest town has now its ‘picture house’. Who could imagine a century ago that pictures of men and women could be made to tall and act on the screen. It is one of the most popular forms of amusement. It has succeeded in throwing many other forms of amusement into the background. It has its uses and abuses as well,

After a hard labor of the day, the cinema provides recreation to the people cannot be denied Cinema provides beautiful scenes of nature, men women and animals. Our hearts are thrilled and brains refreshed. In this way, cinema is a medium of rest for us in this busy life.

Apart from its re creative value, the cinema has a great educative value. The study of History and Geography has been made more interesting by the exhibition of films on these subjects. In this way, we get instructions as well as education from cinema. There is yet another use of the cinema. So many pictures are made with a view to highlighting the social evils. Pictures like Mother India, GaramHava have a great value. In this way, cinema goes a long way to opening the eyes of the people.


Cinema is not without its many serious defects. Loss of money is one, loss of time is another. In other words, most pictures are produced not of high quality and with an eye on the box. Such pictures become popular because of the sex- appeal and contain vulgar scenes. The most impressionable minds of young men and women get excited and they want to do the same things in their own lives too. They invariably leads to corruption and fall in character.

But if the films be taken off all these defects which tend to bring about the moral degeneration of society, the cinema has a brilliant future before it and will be doing considerable good to humanity.