Nothing is so popular nowadays like cinema. People easily miss meals but they hardly miss the premier show o a film in which their favourite hero or heroine is acting. It has greatly influenced the youths of our country and there is no exaggeration if say that they have become prey to it in a way.

Cinema has both the aspects. It is good as well as bad. It is a source of entertainment, according to the common concept but we can’t deny the fact that it also diverts the attention of our young minds that are said to be the hope of a nation.

Cinema is one of the wonderful inventions of the modern science no doubt, for it has played a great role in moulding and shaping the outlook of the people. With its advent, people have felt a new thrill of life and laughter in them.

Films also have helped in uprooting superstitions, religious orthodoxy and fanaticism to some extent by broadening the outlook of the common people. But gone are the days when such films were in making to reflect varying degrees of social concern.


Nowadays cinema is merely known for its romanticism and fantasy or mindless rubbish. It spoils youth and their morals. The story contains no morals. Its romantic love scenes raise baser passions in a human being. There is sex and sex everywhere in the film polluting the whole environment of our society. We see art nowhere but the heroine’s half-naked body with vulgar actions. This leads to eve-teasing and other unnatural activities of the young men. Cinema has also given birth too many crimes in the society.

Most of the young robbers have been inspired by the films. They try to imitate the techniques used in the films while doing heinous crimes like looting, kidnapping, killing and the worst of all raping young innocent girls. Nowadays these incidents have become the part of day. The root cause of all this is that low-degrading cinemas are being made. The producers and directors only think about money, and name.

They are least bothered of the progress of society. Our teen-agers are the worst affected lot. As it is the demand of their age, they get attracted to these cheap type dresses and actions of the heroes and heroines, and start becoming dissatisfied with their own lives. Real life not seem exciting to these people of immature mind as lives of actors and actresses on the screen. Not only this, teenagers begin to believe that there are nothing strange aoout fights, killings and other kinds of violence.

Sometimes they start, doing the things that they see in the violent shows. Thus, they are misguided. Cinema also wastes lot of time of the students and they are left with little time to devote to their studies. Most of the film fans are spoiled in due course.


Cinema may be of great value if it is free from these evils. It must be based on some moral values. It must impart healthy entertainment. It must teach some lessons to make it meaningful. It must be in tune with our culture and civilization.