It is for this, if I were a policeman, I would try my best to maintain the dignity of the uniform I would be given. As all of us know, the work of the police is, to maintain law and order in the country, and bring to book all those who break the laws of the land in any way. This should be done with all honesty and disability.

The first item on my agenda as a policeman would be to resolve that. I would never fall prey to any temptations of any kind, in the process of my work at any time.

This I would try very earnestly because I know that, the corrupt practices in the police have brought a bad name to all uniformed people like me. With my zeal for honesty, I would try to bring back the lost dignity and respect of the police. All through my career, I would try my best to abstain from any kind of corrupt practices; this would in time enhance the lowered and lowering prestige of the force.

In my relations with others in the force, I would try to maintain close rapport with all, whether they are my seniors, juniors or my colleagues. With this, I hope that we, as an integrated whole will be able to establish a harmonious relationship with the public we are to serve. If we do not have harmony with the public, we can, I think not achieve much.


In my dealings with the public, I would try my best to be of real help and utility to them, which is the very purpose of the existence of the force. Besides being upright