A policeman is a useful public servant having a key role to play. As a guardian of law and order, he protects the life and property of the citizens from thieves and criminals and establishes peace in the society.

Sometimes he patrols alone, sometimes in company of two or three policemen just to ensure of the public that they are safe. If he is a friend and a guide to the law-abiding citizens, he is a great terror for the law­breakers and the evil-doers. Thus, a policeman is of great importance for all of us.

We find police stations in all the towns. Every station is in charge of a station officer who is helped by a number of subordinate policemen in his work. A policeman is generally a tall and healthy figure in Khaki uniform with a Khaki cap and strong black shoes.

He has a strong belt around his waist and most of time he is seen with a gun. Such an appearance of the policeman surely makes the general public very alert. And what to talk of the thieves, pick-pockets, chain-snatchers and bad characters-they always try to hide themselves from the policeman, because once they are caught, they can never be excused. The policeman is, thus, the greatest enemy of the anti-social elements.


The policemen are in charge of certain areas in order to discharge perfect duties. Now it becomes the responsibility of the policeman to maintain law and order in the area which is in his supervision. Obviously, he keeps an eye on the activities of the doubtful persons in his area. If any incident occurs, he immediately rushes to the spot and catches the miscreants and in this way normalises the situation.

We have policemen at every nook and corner. Whether it is a railway station or it is a bus-stand or a market complex or a fair or a large gathering-we see policemen on their duty. They face tough time whenever there is a riot-like situation in any area. During demonstrations or movements, generally launched by some political party, the policemen have to be very alert. They have to maintain tight security all around.

Policemen have to do many serious duties for which they are given training to face different situations. Some policemen are trained to fight control the traffic while some get training to fight with terrorists and criminals. Again some policemen receive training so that they may be successful security men to important personalities in different fields.

Thus a policeman imparts important services to common people. We can’t imagine a society or a nation free from all vices sans him. It is he who keeps everything in order being an important member of the Government. Hence, we, people must co-operate with him at every step.


Sometimes we feel that policemen forget their real duties. They misuse their powers and harass even the genuine persons. They accept bribes to give way to corruption and illegal practices in society.

They come under the influence of politicians and criminals. They protect them. It is not a good sign for the society. If the policemen forget their duties that will protect the common people and law?