Man is a social animal. He lives in a society. If there is no law and order there would be no peace, no progress and no society. The police department sees to it that there should be no crimes, no breaking of the laws. There are many black sheep in the society.

They disturb the peace by breaking laws. A policeman arrests such people and gets them punished. It is because of the police force that our life is safe.

Policeman is a watchdog of our life, property and peace. He regulates the traffic on the busy intersections and keeps the crimes in check. He is there on the roads, in the streets, bus and railway stations, in the town and in the city. His presence is universal.

A policeman is a healthy and strongman. He wears Khaki uniform. He carries a stick and sometimes a gun as his weapon to control the situation. He wears a cap. During strikes, he plays a very important role. A policeman is a guardian of peace and order. He is a sure defense against violence and theft. He is an enemy of thieves, bad characters and anti-social people. His job is really tough.


He has to be on duty whether it is chilly mornings or cold nights. He is trained well for his hard duties. At times he may lose his life while fighting dacoits or a violent mob. His life is full of dangers. Sometimes the policemen are not liked by the people because of their abusive language. There are many honest, sensible and polite policemen also.

But, it is our duty to co-operate with them. He is trained in polite behaviour and modern-style crime detection. He should be assured of a decent and healthy living and due promotion, etc. for he is our saviour in distress.