166 Words Short Essay on Our School Peon


Peon is a very important person in a school. Sohan the peon of our school. He is a very good man. All teachers and students like him.

Sohan Lai is about twenty six years old. He has pas his Middle School Examination. He wears the sc’ uniform when he is on duty. He is a hard-working He reaches the school before the school starts. He opens the rooms. He dusts the Principal’s office and the Room. He is sincere and regular in his work.

He sits outside the Principal’s room. He takes letters and other circulars from the Principal to teachers. He can read and write Hindi and English, keeps the school Notice Board up-to-date.


All the teachers like him and praise him for his preparing for the Matriculation examination, takes help from the teachers. He lives in the school, rings the bell in time. He keeps the class registers at proper place. He works very hard but his pay is less?

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