197 Words Essay for Kids on the School Peon


In every school, the peon is a very important person. He not only helps students but also shares the responsibility of running the school. There are three peons in my school. Mr. Ram Lai is the oldest peon in my school.

He is 45 years old, tall and healthy. He has athletic physique. He had been a good athlete of his village. He is very hard-working and punctual. He is always the first to arrive at the school. He opens the rooms and dusts them clean. Then he rings the bell and the classes start.

He is very sincere and regular in his work. His seat is outside the principal’s room. He takes the various notices and letters from the Principal to the various teachers and class rooms. He keeps the notice board clean and frees of old, useless papers.


Many a time he helps physically weak boys carry their books, etc. Whenever he is free he loves to recount the old fairy-tales. He keeps the class registers in proper place and chalks ready near the blackboards. We all admire him. Although his salary is very meagre, he loves his duty and carries out without any lethargy.

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