152 Words Essay for kids on our school peon


A peon is an important person in all schools. Kishan Lai is our school peon. He is about thirty years old. He wears a khaki uniform and a cap on his head.

He is very useful for the school. His family lives in a village. He has various duties. He comes before the opening time of the school. He opens the doors and windows of the class rooms.

He cleans our classrooms. He puts things in order. When he is free, he sits on the bench outside the Principal’s office. He has to work very hard.


He does not permit anybody to enter the school without the permission of the Principal. He carries out the Principal’s orders. The Principal has full faith in him.

He helps everyone. He obeys the orders of the Principal and teachers. When it is time to go home, he rings the bell. All the students like him.

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