Short essay on if i were the education minister of India


Flights of imagination and hypothetical assumptions do not serve any worthwhile purpose, but certain postulates lead us to reflect on the problems of the country. What would I do, if I were the Education Minister of India? I would make all-out efforts to give education the importance it deserves.

I would compel my government to allocate sufficient funds to my department, so that educational plans and programmes might not be hampered for want of money. I would reorient the entire education system according to the specific needs of our country. I would make it meaningful and purposeful. As everybody knows, good education develops a student’s personality and character, teaches him some skill and enables him to face the challenges of life successfully.

Unfortunately educational standards have greatly deteriorated in modern times. I would try to put education again on a high pedestal. The emphasis would be on vocational training. Higher education would be given only to the selected few and the Institutions imparting higher education would be granted autonomy. Professional courses would not be taught at governmental cost and effective checks would be enforced to stop brain-drain.


The poor and the deserving would, of course, be given all possible help. No school, college or university would be without the requisite facilities-good buildings, adequate class-rooms, well-developed sports grounds, well-equipped laboratories, audio-visual aids, etc. Extra-curricular activities, particularly games and sports, would be promoted vigorously, zealously and effectively.

The teachers would be of a very high caliber and they would enjoy enviable social status. No political and bureaucratic interference would be allowed it educational affairs. The examination system would be revamped and continual internal assessment of student’s performance would be made compulsory. I would like to make India great, strong and prosperous through a suitable education system.

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