721 Words Essay on if I were the Education Minister of India


If I was the education minister in the Indian Government, I would like to introduce several changes in the system of education in the country. In certain spheres I may even like to uproot the present trends and introduce new ones. My views about education are apart from the common rut.

I feel that when a country lays down its education policy it should be very clear about what it wants to turn out from places of education, and what we want our children to become.

This is because the education of the children lays the foundation of their futures. Once this target is clear to us we can proceed ahead with the stage of planning the system. For example, the British wanted to produce in Indians, a host of babus to work in their Government Administration so; they framed their education policy for Indians on the lines of their needs. The tragedy is that we still produce the same from our educational institutions babus.


It is very obvious that, every country has its own specific needs and so, each country trains its young on the lines of its demands and requirements. This should actually be the basis of education imparted by any country.

The educational institutions should turn out what the country needs. With this point in view we need patriotic educated gentry. We also have to compete with the other countries of the world in the realm of science and technology and sports. So, with this in mind, I, as the education minister of India would start framing the education policy of this country. We have to go ahead in science and technology and also maintain the richness of the heritage of the country.

All these decades, our higher education has done fairly well and our technological advancement has been very satisfactory. We have technical institutes of the best standard but still we i.e. India is one of the most illiterate countries of the world, what a dilemma. This clearly indicates how very lopsided our education policy has been.

As the education minister of India I would lay more stress on literacy and primary education which lays the foundation of a strong nation. This I think is absolutely necessary to strengthen the masses, the society, the Government and the country.


India has a huge amount of manpower and it would be very beneficial if it could be channelised and the country would be the real beneficiary instead of just producing a few thousand engineers and doctors every year, who remain unemployed.

We must remember that, education must be closely linked with employment potential. I would see that no education is wasted and not a single educated person lies helpless without a job.

Even this has not been looked into all these decades. The result has been that, thousands of children coming out of educational institutions are in reality unemployable, so, what has been the mighty use of that education. It has only turned out from universities and other educational institutions a frustrated and unhappy lot, unable to find their way and place in the scheme of things. I, as education minister would see that children are taught only what is required for them to become qualified for anv assignment for their livelihood.

For this, I would introduce graduate and postgraduate courses in vocations so that, when the students come out of their educational career, they are ready for an employment in their respective spheres of study. This would ensure employment after education and at the same time prevent the universities from producing unnecessary graduates and postgraduates.


So much for the job oriented education, but, if I was the education minister I would also ensure more moralistic and human teachings in schools, where I think human beings are made.

The necessity of loyalty to the country would also be one of the important tenets of teaching in schools. The children would be taught morals through the medium of stories and biographies of great men of the world. I would do this as; I believe that, such studies do impress a young and impressionable mind.

With these few changes in the education system of the country I am sure I would have done my duty towards the country and justified my status as the education minister of the Government of India.

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