543 Words Essay on what is wrong with our education (india)


Education is the tool that sharpens the human resources. It cultivates our mind in order to make our life tolerable with the acquisition of skills. It has been listed as one of the basic necessities of human life. One can achieve the best possible life only with the help of a sound education.

Education reforms an individual, the individual makes a family, a family makes a society and society forms a nation. Hence education is the real base of a nation. The whole progress of a nation depends on education.

It is therefore necessary that a nation must have a very sound educational system which can make a perfect individual and a society. A sound educational system implies the way through which education is imparted, the quality of education that it gives the quality of human being that it produces and ultimately the society it builds.


Education gives all round development to a nation. It inculcates creativity of a human being. It provides employment to citizens and it gives proper mental food to people.

With the change of time the real concept of education has been under controversy. What should be the real form of education? It has become a burning question. On the one hand we have the traditional pattern of education which most of the government schools follow, on the other hand we have modern convent pattern of education.

These two ways of learning create a great disparity among the students.The result is that inspite of all best effort; we fail to get proper employment after finishing our education. India is perhaps the country where we have the largest force of educated unemployed people. They are completely worthless and have become the liability °f the society.

Our present educational system is not fruitful. After the education the students do not get suitable jobs. There is a rush in classes. Hence there is no personal link between teachers and students. Students fail to learn many useful and important things from their teachers. This causes indiscipline among them. They see that their leaders behave in an indisciplined way. Therefore they do whatever they see.


Hence it appears that there is something wrong with our educational system. It should not be employment oriented instead it should be skill oriented. It must cultivate proper skill among youths so that they can use their creativity even if they do not get a job. Our country has a large population and job opportunity may be accessible to all the educated youth.

A skill oriented education can give an opportunely to the youth to earn their livelihood and unskilled person can turn to be criminal or destructive in any way. They can distort the whole concept of humanity. An educated man is always in a position to contribute to the nation in any way so the real education should be made purposeful. There is a need of overhauling of the whole educational system otherwise our future will be doomed.

India should develop such an educational system which can be framed with a view to fulfil the need of the Indian people. India is not economically so advanced that it can have costly educational affairs. The educational institutions should be made perfect. The quality of education should be improved.

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