223 Words Essay for Kids on Sri Aurobindo


Aurobindo was born on 15 August, 1872 in Calcutta. His father Dr. Krishnadhan Ghose was a Civil Medical Officer, who took his two sons to England for their educa­tion. They were Aurobindo and his brother Manmohan. In course of time, Aurobindo appeared at the I.C.S. Examination, and came out successfully, but he did not intentionally appear at the riding test which was then com­pulsory for being qualified as an I.C.S. officer under the British Government. Aurobindo did not want to serve the British. He appeared at the examination, because his father wanted to make him an I.C.S. officer.

Aurobindo returned to India, and took active part in Indian politics. He joined the terrorist movement, and edited the Weekly Jugantar (Change of Age). He went to jail several times. A time came when it became impossible for him to stay in India, because the British Government was determined to arrest and punish him severely for his direct complicity in terrorist activities.

Then, Aurobindo escaped to Pondichery which was then ruled by the French people- From there, he continued his political activities. But in his later life, he became a saint devoting his life for the cause of the welfare of mankind. He came to be known as ‘Sri Aurobindo’. Aurobindo Ghosh passed into mahasamadhi (deep meditation) on 5 December, 1950.

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