Street hawkers are found in almost every corner of the city lanes. He is common feature of our life. He moves from place to place selling his goods.

The biggest danger of eating the food that street hawkers sell is in the fact that the constant exposure to the heat and dust of the road side makes this food unhygienic to eat.

It is sad that the street hawkers are not provided any space by the government to sell their food at.

If they had a covered area where they served their food, the cleanliness of their food items could be maintained.


A hawker saves us a lot of trouble. He sells things that we need at our door-steps.

Sometimes a hawker rings his bell to announce his arrival.

Food sold by hawkers is often tasty and eating there saves time too. The food they sell is generally tasty. But never buy eatables from a dirty hawker.

A hawker has to work hard. He has to go on walking. We miss them when we do not hear their calls.